Pitches and Presentations 101

Pitches and Presentations 101

‘Danielle is an approachable and engaging trainer.

She uses a wide variety of methods to suit a range of learning styles,

and creates memorable and informative learning opportunities.’

Dr Lindsey Pike, Research and Development Officer,

RIPFA (Research in Practice for Adults)



I’ve developed a range of training solutions for pitching and presenting because I have seen all of the following, and wanted to do something about it.

People who:

  • Have not put in for a job they want; have pulled out of the interview process; or didn’t get the job – because they are struggling with pitching or presenting.
  • Need to communicate their idea or research more effectively – to secure funding or investment; to engage a wider audience or market; to increase their profile; to grow connections and opportunities for the future.
  •  Are committed to a cause or charity, and are looking for ways to connect with others , on a wider scale.
  • Need to present as part of their current job – and hate doing it, or would like to do better

I work with individuals and organisations to identify areas for development, context , timeframe, and desired outcomes. I then deliver skills training through 121s or tailored workshops. These focus on both the creation of engaging content, and a natural style of delivery designed to connect with your particular audiences.

You can find out more about the range of skills I cover here. Once I know more about your needs we can zoom in on specifics, whether it’s a 5 minute pitch, a TED-level talk, or developing a 40 minute keynote.


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