Anyone else feeling the fear?

Anyone else feeling the fear?

‘Danielle is a pleasure to work with. She is friendly and easy to speak to,

and has a real passion for helping people and groups to unleash their hidden potential.’

Dr Kate Smith, Exeter University

Depending on which list you consult, public speaking ranks as scarier than being buried alive, snakes and spiders. If you’re feeling the fear of public speaking or presenting right now, you are definitely not alone! What’s great is that by clicking on this page, you’re considering doing something about it. Looking into what will help you move forwards, and upwards.

So what do you need? Different for everyone, but I think certain fundamentals make it easier to learn and develop. I can promise you the following: someone who understands how real fear can be, both physically and mentally; a whole range of supportive training techniques, so that you can relax enough to learn the skills you need; a commitment to clear, honest communication; a practical and flexible programme that will build both your skills and confidence.

You can find out more about some of the skills I cover here.

But what I think you really need to consider is what kind of trainer will be a good partner for you.

In thedivingbell I start off with things a little quieter. And with a commitment to focus, depth and support.

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