About thedivingbell

I founded thedivingbell after discovering just how many people are TERRIFIED of public speaking. Really amazing people, with great ideas to share. People innovating, and researching … creating…developing awesome business ideas… and making fantastic contributions to charities and community projects. Exactly the kind of people that I love to hear speak.

So I decided to create a particular kind of training, developed around the principles of focus, depth and support. The kind of training that I’d want, as an off-the scale introvert myself! Training that would allow anyone to gain skills and confidence, no matter the level of their fear.

My own background is in theatre and facilitation. I studied Physical Theatre with Jacques Lecoq (Paris), and have worked throughout the UK and Internationally as a facilitator, with a focus on inclusion.

I talk in public a lot – I gave over 100 talks and presentations myself in 2013. Why? Because I want the opportunity to test and share ideas, and have in-depth conversations about things that really matter to me.

I can only do this because I have found ways to make the content and delivery match with who I am, and how I like to engage with the world. There are lots of approaches, and whatever you do next, I’d encourage you to find training that will support you to develop your own natural style. Then it all gets easier, I promise!

And the picture – yes, my Dad really was a deep sea diver…(that’s me in the background).

Hope to see you in thedivingbell

Best wishes,